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Good News for the Weary Mama

by Amanda Mauchly

Hey Mama, its Amanda. So I had a completely different article planned for this month but I kept hearing the Father speak to my spirit about His immense love for mothers. I could feel His emotions like a weighted blanket on my chest and I can still feel them now.


Mothers need to know I love them, I kept hearing God say.


I tried to keep writing the original article I had planned but every time I would sit down I couldnt shake Gods nudging.


So the following words are straight from His heart to yours, Mama. I believe He has something specific to say to you. Lord, have Your way.


Theres something that happens to the heart of a mother when she realizes that she doesnt have to hide from God in her sin and weakness but can run to God in her sin and weakness. And understanding this, changes everything.


I had a hard week. Im sure you can relate. Motherhood comes with hard days (and weeks) sometimes. I couldnt get a handle on my emotions, I constantly felt irritated and angry with my kids, and I had to repent to them more often then Id like to admit. By the end of the week I broke, crying to my husband about what a horrible mother I was and how undeserving I felt toward God.

We can carry so much guilt and shame as mothers, and these feelings can easily trick us into thinking Gods disappointed in us and unknowingly, we distant ourselves from Him because were too ashamed to approach Him.

But God, in fact, tells us to do the opposite.

So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.” Hebrews 4:16

  1. God tells us that He sits on a throne of grace, and to come to Him confidently and boldly in time of need.


    Ask yourself this, when you see your sin arise day after day in the midst of motherhood and discouragement sets in, do you go to God or do you avoid Him? Is He angry with His arms crossed, or is He standing with arms open wide ready to embrace you?


    Grace is unmerited favor. Meaning that though we dont deserve it or though we didnt earn it, HE GIVES IT ANYWAY! Someone needs to hear this. Though you may have failed and didnt do anything that would merit His mercy, God gives it anyway! Because Hes Gracious! Who is like our God?


    Mama, God is standing with His arms wide ready to embrace you! This is the heart of our God!


    We dont have to run and hide from God when we yell at our kids. We get to run into His presence and find mercy! We can cry at His feet and find forgiveness. Gods love for us does not change based on our behavior! This is freeing! And the best part, is He WANTS nearness. He wants you close to Him because He loves you.


    Theres a line in the song, I Lose My Ability” by Jonathan & Melissa Helser that says, When I see Your face, everything changes, in the radiance of Your smile”



    Mama, Hes smiling! You dont have to live in the constant state of thinking God is disappointed with you. Life literally sucks when you think God is disappointed in you or doesnt love you. Ive lived in that place and its awful! Would all the shame, heaviness, and guilt disappear this week. Repent if you need to, receive His mercy and find His facing smiling over you. Open up His Word, put on some worship music and receive His love. He wants you to. You are His delight.

    you are loved, Amanda
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    Amanda lives in Colorado with her husband and three children. She is a full-time mom who is passionate about touching the deep things of God with her children. She deeply believes that to know God is to love Him and it’s her greatest heart’s desire that her children would know Him.

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