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Health Is Your Wealth

Tamar Henry

HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH They say health is your wealth and if we have learned anything these past two years I think we can all agree upon that the thought of our health at risk often spurs us on to do better. As a certified health and nutrition counsellor my first piece of advice and support would be around education, for when we know better we do better. Think about a plant for a moment, what does it need to survive and thrive (much of the same things we do) fresh air, water, vital vitamins and minerals etc. We wouldn’t feed a plant what it didn’t need, for that would stunt its growth. We wouldn’t neglect to give it enough water or the life-giving nutrients, otherwise we all know what would happen, it would dry up and die. When I help others learn about health, it’s often the little things that count, the things we do most often. The things that make a difference in how we feel and the quality of life we live. A healthy life that is in our reach and that is something YOU deserve.  


IMMERSE + LEARN I encourage you to fall in love with health. Don’t be overwhelmed, take it easy. Find a couple of really great online influencers, within the wellness field (I will include my fave at the end of this article). In the beginning this provides you with a little taste each day just to look at, poke around at, read a few articles from, maybe even learn a new recipe from. In weeks your knowledge has grown, you are starting to make really great choices for yourself and your family, and over months it has become a lifestyle, a new way of life. You will find yourself drawn to health news, food matters and more. You will find where you fit and what foods are for you. You will work out what works and what makes you feel best. The journey can be beautiful and quite profound.

“Find a couple of really great online influencers, within the wellness field. In the beginning this provides you with a little taste each day just to look at, poke around at, read a few articles from, maybe even learn a new recipe from.”

DRINK UP I know, I know! You have heard it a million times before, but drinking enough water really is essential and so good for your health. For one, water is a detox, so important for clear skin and flushing out unwanted toxins. It can help and/or prevent back pain (I just learned this recently!) and aids good digestion (to name but a few). Depending on your size, for most women drinking 1.5-2 litres per day of fresh water (if you are worried about your tap water, use bottled or filtered water where you can).  Start your morning with a big glass of water, you would be surprised how that one goal can really set you on the right path for the rest of the day.  Carry water with you everywhere, this way you won’t be tempted by other less nutritious drinks (as hard and as tempting as that might be). Your water consumption also includes herbal teas and fresh cordials.

REMOVE + REPLACE Without finding a replacement for the foods you will start to remove (come on you know what they are 😉 you may begin to feel the effects of elimination and deprivation. This is not something you should have to go through. Switching out items for their healthy alternative is key to making good progress. For example brown rice for white rice, 100% peanut butter for the processed kind, plain nuts and seeds for their salt and flavoured counterparts, sugary cereal for organic varieties… One thing I learned to do early on is make my own where possible (I’m a busy mom of three so I know time can be limited but I cannot tell you how much the effort is worth it). I can assure you when you start to replace the foods you use most often you and your family will like them even more. Some of our faves include: fresh juices, granola, muffins, muesli, pancakes, salad dressings and smoothies.

MENU MAKING It was only when I had children that I realized the importance of this, and how much time and effort it has afforded me. Once a week, work out what meals you will have each day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. We do this for Monday through Friday, leaving the weekends for us to b a little more spontaneous and/or dine out. Kids absolutely love the process and will certainly help you choose! This way you know what to stock up on, you can use homemade sauces for more than one meal (for example: a homemade pasta sauce can be used on a plain pasta meal, for bolognaise or lasagne). Making menus means no surprises, the family knows exactly what to expect and makes life in the kitchen so much more hassle free.

Don’t forget health is about the WHOLE body. God gave us this Earth with everything with need to heal and nourish. I have a picture of the following words on my wall at home (if you can imagine it, with little icons for each). It is easy to get bogged down with just one goal or forget about another. Try super hard to create a more holistic vision of what you need. SUNSHINE – WATER – REST – WHOLE FOODS – CONNECTION – MOVEMENT

xoxo, Tamar

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