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At 27, Kate Elmore learned she was expecting her first child. A few months after giving birth, she discovered she had thyroid cancer.  Kate went through the challenges of surgery and radiation, and the future she had envisioned suddenly seemed unknown. She found herself wondering if she would leave her baby girl and devoted husband to face a world without her.

Doctors told Kate the chances of a relapse were high and that she was now prone to more illness due to a result of this struggle, and the attempt to fall pregnant again were now slim. The first year after radiation is always considered less viable, and even if she did become pregnant, she may likely miscarry or give birth to a child with chromosomal abnormalities.  


God, however is our maker and healer and only He has the final say in the story of our lives. Five years later Kate is cancer free. She became pregnant despite treatment and has a wild and healthy three year old son who loves to play with his sister.

Kate’s faith, family, and the teachings of the Bible are what carried her through the hard times. It was the light in a bad day, the peace that God gave to her, and the strength she didn’t know she had…

With the pain came purpose. The experience steered her to pioneer Word Warriors. Word Warriors is an online business and community with the mission to help others focus on the life-giving words found only in the Bible, to use the Word of God to fight everyday battles. Word Warriors is best known for their charming t-shirts with encouraging words embroidered on them. Their Word of the Month Club is also widely popular, an exclusive monthly online bible study and subscription box that offers you a new word, based on what the Bible says about it, to focus on and study.

Kate believes one of the most challenging struggles in business is comparison. “It doesn’t take long to feel like a million other people are already doing what you want to do. I mean, who needs another t-shirt? So I am thankful that God always finds a way to remind me that the purpose of this business is greater than the t-shirt. That to be a faithful servant of God, my only responsibility is obedience. God’s job is the outcome. I honestly don’t know how people start a business without faith in God. There have been a million times I have wanted to quit and to feel his Spirit moving inside of me reminds me daily to simply put one foot in front of the other. A lot of people make things, I am fully aware of this. But the items we create are made and prayed over to remind the working mom, grieving sister, or sick daughter to give herself grace. That God is faithful and good always. That because of the strength God gives you (not your own) you are brave!

Therefore, you no longer have to be defined by your weaknesses, but by strength that is from God and his Word. Sister, you are a child of God and a Word Warrior.”

“The Lord your God is with you, mighty warrior.” Judges 6:12

Connect with Kate here on Instagram

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