Mhykee is undoubtedly beautiful both inside and out. The many photos that adorn her social media show us that. The picture of her so chic, all in white, hat in hand then on her head. So many that are playful, I dare you not to like Mhykee. Then there’s the pictures with others, she has learned how to draw light in and share it will all. Her bright smile, enticing us in. She’s elegant, poised, approachable, fun loving and from what we have gathered, very funny too. 

“My sole purpose on this platform is to be a light and show how the power of God can truly change a person through repentance, salvation and receiving the Holy Spirit. Once an unbeliever, doubting that God even existed, I am now 100% not who I was once was ONLY because I gave my life to the creator”. 

We learn that Mhykee is a wife and mother to two adorable children, a devoted friend and community member, all roles she obviously takes great delight in. Look a little further and we discover that beyond the spotlight and filters Mhykee is remarkable, noticeably so. Mykee strives for a life of purpose, in the many fields she has gained great passion for. For one, Mhykee is a nurse practitioner with years of experience in the ER, and gives of her work selflessly. Mhykee is a vlogger, sharing her busy life and helping her dedicated audience learn more about what fills her dreams at night: interior design, travel and style. Mykee does all of this in the name of God. Mhykee is who she is because of God’s wisdom and grace. 

In a World that can be so staged Mhykee lets us into hers without barriers. She is not afraid of letting you into her ‘real’ life, she shares her struggles and anxieties as well as her wins. She is vulnerable and authentic, all traits that make us want to reach out through the screen and embrace her. It makes us have love for her, to want to be like her.  Mhykee shows us that it is possible to have it all, perhaps not all at the same time, but through dedication, hard work and faith, it’s certainly within reach.  

Mykee’s devotion to God’s promise is inspiring. Mhykee encourages us to start the day with prayer. “I don’t pray that everything goes perfect and everybody treats me how I want them to. I pray that whatever comes my way, I’m able to handle it in manner that pleases God”. One can learn so much by her profile. We are so inspired by Mhykee. She reminds us through her profile: You can’t control everybody around you but through prayer you can control and contain yourself. Luke 18:1.