Meghan Joy Yancy.

Introducing you to our Muse of the Month, the bold, fresh and inspiring, Meghan Joy Yancy! Meghan is a devoted wife and mama to six adorable children, living a life they have worked tirelessly to create, all under the watchful eye of the Lord, in their dream home in Minnesota.

Imagine this  … a creative, vibrant entrepreneur meets a handsome, hard working realtor. Together they can only dream of a life with maybe a couple of children and space enough for them to play. Meghan remarks that “His plans are always stronger”, fast forward and six achingly adorable children later, you will find this family living their best lives on a picturesque landscape in their ranch home and its glorious surroundings. The Red Tree Ranch, so hip, it has its own insta page! Meghan proclaims “it is our home, our ranch, our legacy.”


” It’s our home, our legacy.”

“All we ever wanted was a place our kids friends would want to come, somewhere we could host, have guests over. The land we have, has it all and so much more”. By all account it is their place of living, a home of worship, their school and their business. With an Instagram following of 175k and The Yancy Life channel on YouTube you are embraced and bear witness to the antics and on-goings of this remarkably fun and adorable family. Highly addictive to watch and wonder what they will do next!

What is instantly striking and crazy evident is the obvious love these guys have for one another. Find post after post of them loving on each other, dancing, helping one another, graciously supporting each other. Parenting appears easy, but Meghan is open and honest about their real life. Her squares   capture moments of their lives that will be so momentous for them to go back and look upon. Moments detailing their move to the ranch, riding bikes, the many subjects of homeschool, business ventures and so much more. As their audience you cannot help but be motivated, perhaps even a little moved, and so honoured to have a front row view to it all.

Let us talk more about Meghan, who immediately feels like a friend (the really cool kind), the friend we want to sit down and drink chai lattes with. From the way she dresses to the way she speaks, she admits that who she is and everything she does is all from the grace of God. He is so precious to Meghan. It’s easy to be inspired by Meghan, she is easy to listen to, and very down to earth. 

Meghan’s first job is being a teacher to her children, “Homeschooling was always a dream on my heart from the moment I became a mom. I prayed that God would align both my husband and my hearts on the matter. We are currently on our 9th year of homeschooling and it’s been such a gift. It looks different every year but we have made it our own. I want my children to love learning, and we learn so much through living life.



It’s given us so much more family time which is a main priority on our hearts, and strengthen bonds between siblings that is so beautiful to watch unfold. It has given us space and time to experience and pursue our family dreams. I’ve ben given an opportunity to watch and guide my kids to flourish and grow in their unique gifts.”

with In addition to sharing homeschool strategies and the renovation of their ranch, Self-made entrepreneur Meghan runs Studio Seven in the grounds of their home for rent, small events and photo sessions. Amazingly cute, you have to check out the ways in which its been used to believe it. It’s all hands on deck in and around the house and when it comes to successful business strategies, the family model and do commercial work together (which from the many videos looks like a lot of fun!) they promote Young Living, and its natural products, and Ritual vitamins which the whole family use and love. They run a small thrifting side hustle too! Meghan has found a way to make a living whilst being together with her family and bringing a lot of joy to their lives and the lives of others. 

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