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Meet Nakia Washington, social media entrepreneur, vlogger, blogger, and homeschooling stay at home mama of three young children.

Nakia has grown popular through her messages of encouragement concerning all things lifestyle, faith, and homemaking. She talks homeschool, self care, style and more. Among the carefully crafted video messages Nakia’s presence (even through the screen) is both calming and encouraging. She motivates others to be their best self, which we think is her most endearing quality.

If you are discovering Nakia for the first time, you will find her videos packed with more than you could have imagined. Let us explain … for example, Nakia intertwines a practical message of homeschooling and its routine, with the character building efforts she is securing for her children whilst doing so. She will speak about her own self care within the video, what she is eating or drinking to stay focused, the clothes that keep her comfortable, the list goes on. The little tidbits that Nakia offers are the golden nuggets to an ease of life that she has created for herself and her family, of which she is offering to others too.

Nakia remarks how it is primary to work on her own self wellness and worth before helping others, but how even that it is secondary to her time spent with God. She peppers her posts with words from the Bible, and it is like a little piece of heaven. She is able to switch from the tools she uses to make her life less challenging to the grace she asks and receives of God.

Without God Nakia mentions, that she would be mentally unstable without Him.  We are in awe of this vulnerability, which only makes her stronger in our eyes.

If you already homeschool or are looking to teach your children at home, Nakia has so much to say and offer on the subject. We have personally learned some great homeschooling techniques from her, which in turn have lead us to learn so much more about Nakia and indeed ourselves. Nakia has a beautiful way of allowing you to see where you need change without it being a burden or a sign of something wrong. On the contrary she inspires you to keep challenging yourself, but with realistic goals and positivity. Nakia appears to us very real in a world that is so often so manipulated and imitated. She is herself and for that we adore her.


Connect with Nakia here on Instagram