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Skinny Jeans it may be time to consider another style

Anyone else remember when the 2005 brought in the skinny jeans? Difficult to put on and tight to take off, love them or hate them, we were lured into another jean craze that we all squashed and squeezed into.  Remember how difficult it was to transition from low-rise boot-boot to skinnies? We finally seemed to embrace skinnies and couldn’t get enough! Despite the many deviations on the skinny (high-waisted, low rise, curvy) and a selling pitch to all body types, can we all agree that they were more of a one size fits all (that didn’t really fit us all)? And if we are being honest, can we also admit to them being mostly unflattering and uncomfortable at best.

Fast forward to a new queen on the catwalk, a more relaxed jean, and all at once you can hear people breathing again (quite literally!). Replacing the skinny jean is something much more appealing, a style more suited to the physique and individualism of the female form. A design to celebrate the curvy, to help accentuate existing assets, a fit that doesn’t threaten to cut off your circulation. A baggier but still bold celebration of sophistication with a touch of tomboy. Variations include mom jeans: cinched or high-waisted, then there’s cropped, wide leg and the oh so cool boyfriend cut. More tailored than the original relaxed jeans of years gone by and super cute across a wide range of ages. Many fashion icons and influencers are turning into confirmed devotees of the skinny jean. .

Dress up with a blazer and heels for the ultimate look on a night out. Swap heels for ballet flats or loafers and you have a look that wouldn’t seem out of place in the office,  boardroom or soccer game. Channel a timeless trend and team your roomier jeans with the classic white shirt or tshirt, adorable! Walk the school run and show up to sporting events with a combination of a sweater or striped bretton, your baggier jeans and a crisp white sneaker, we love the look of the Nike Air Force 1’s or the ethically responsible Veja.

The key to wearing the wide-leg jean is balance. 



We can be thankful, high rise is still the rage. All though rumor has it that low-rise is coming back in. While some are willing to ditch the skinny jeans, we however are not willing to trade our high-rise for low-rise. What are your thoughts on skinnies? We would love to know.

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