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Meet Tiffany DuSewell,  a self confessed crazy plant lady who drinks Kombucha and loves chocolate! Tiffany is a Texan at heart, who currently calls San Diego, CA home after several house moves with her husband Trevor, who is in the Marine Corp. (We’ve heard that they may be moving to Japan soon!) The couple are parents to three young children Bella, Lincoln and Magnolia. Tiffany, a teacher by profession, taught elementary school age and special education classes, which is where she found a calling and passion in inclusion classes. Since starting a family, Tiffany, for a number of reasons, transitioned to working outside of the house, and now homeschools her children. She highlights this on her platform and we encourage you to check it out and get to know her better.


The heart Tiffany displays for her children is palpable, and she accepts responsibility for raising them in ways she feels is called by God. She uses her platform to share many wonderful tools and resources and the teaching aids that have worked for her family and countless others. She shares her daily rhythm and offers motivation and encouragement to others. She imparts wonderful ideas like ‘poetry teatime’ to help your child learn, and for them to consciously realise the fun in that learning. 

Tiffany proudly boasts her faith throughout her platforms too, proclaiming “I kind of love the clean page that is Monday. I am thankful for a Saviour whose mercies are new each morning”. Her posts are inspiring and spiritually insightful, you can find her speaking about watching her daughters face as she releases a butterfly and her personal realization that it’s the same way that God looks at us.

When Tiffany is not home-schooling and sharing her faith and journey with her audience, she runs an Etsy store and sells Usborne books, which are both educational and fun filled. Her love for teaching her girls is evident in the unique pintables that she makes that are available in her Etsy shop.  They are fun, cute, and useful tools for other moms to use in educating their children. You can also find her on Amazon, a link is in her profile.  We know you will love getting to know Tiffany, just as we have.

Connect with Tiffany here on Instagram

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