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We heard about Clarissa Moll before we knew who she was, and as we typed her name into our search engine we had a strong suspicion we would find somebody extraordinary. We were welcomed by her smile, a smile, I think you might agree, shines into her soul.  Her social media is bursting with love and light, of pictures of her with a man she so clearly adores. That man is her husband and father to their four children who died tragically in a hiking accident in 2019. His tragedy, her loss, their story, has propelled Clarissa from a career in writing for non-profits to become an advocate for the bereaved. Today, Clarissa writes to help grieving others discover grace in their pain, to find meaning after loss, and to encourage them to begin to write a new chapter of their life.

We encourage you to read some of what Clarissa has written, the beauty in her words, her vulnerability is palpable. Her words will touch your heart, they will stay in your head, and they will also make you weep.

“A lot of times lately, I’ve been feeling in limbo, caught between the old life I loved and a new one I’m stepping into in faith Sometimes it’s hard to be satisfied here. It’s hard to fully release what was and embrace what is – to not live with one foot in yesterday and one in tomorrow”.

Not surprisingly, Clarissa is an award-winning writer and podcaster and the author of Beyond the Darkness: A Gentle Guide for Living with Grief and Thriving after Loss. She works to address cultural myths about death and bereavement with honest, soulful companionship support. Her new book, Beyond the Darkness, has been called “a welcome beacon of light” by Publishers Weekly and offers the bereaved and those who love them practical, gospel-infused wisdom. Clarissa is a prolific writer with work published at The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, RELEVANT, Christian Parenting, Grief Digest, Modern Loss, and more. She is the co-host of Christianity Today’s “Surprised by Grief” podcast where she weaves her own story into conversations about grief and growth.

Connect with Clarissa  here on Instagram