Dina deleasa-gonsar.

This month we are meeting a Jersey Italian muse whose story started around the dinner table as a child. Food memories run deep for Dina Deleasa-Gonsar, who is the oldest of 4 kids and grew up in a family of cooks and with a mother who still to this day makes Sunday family dinners happen. This has also inspired her to create her own food memories with friends and family over the years. In fact, food has always been a cornerstone of family life for Dina. From trips to the newest restaurant or hotdog stand that her dad found in his travels, to the smells and memories of her mom and grandmother in the kitchen. It has naturally evolved as her career while remaining a passion.

” I’m so glad I intentionally reached out for Jesus’s hand.”

Dina is a creator, writer, tv personality and behind the blog Dish It Girl and was recently awarded the best home cook by Hallmark Home and Family through following her passion. She most recently appeared on Guy’s Grocery Games on the Food Network. She lives in North Jersey near extended family and is married to her college sweetheart, Brian, and has a daughter named Siena.


Dina is a self-taught cook and entrepreneur. Over the years, she has enjoyed reading cookbooks and this has allowed her to master different techniques in the kitchen while inspiring new recipes.

Dina has always followed a different path and it has served her well. “My friends were picking up Cosmo Magazine, I was reading Food and Wine.”

In college, while getting a Master’s Degree in counseling, she was feeding her friends using one burner. It was during this time she realized she wanted a place to write down all her recipes because people would ask her for them, and she wanted to make it easy to share. So like any entrepreneur (despite not knowing she was on her way to becoming one!), she made it happen.

Dina created a website before “blogging” was really even a thing and she started easily sharing what she loved while bringing others together. This also helped archive family recipes for herself along the way and record meals she made.

Dina has continued to cook and share her recipes, and Instagram and social media has been a continuation of this, it has expanded her reach and connection because you also get to know Dina, her life, and witness inspiring content in her stories, posts and reels. She isn’t an “instamom” and we love her for this. In fact, you might wind up seeing a story about the cook herself being so distracted she cooked chicken that her husband (nor her) would eat because life happens.

Dina also boldly shares her faith and beliefs and her postpartum struggles. 

“I can still hear our late Pastor Joe singing upfront with  great conviction. I loved hearing him sing “How Great Thou Art.” He has since passed but the message he preached is still the same. Because God is good, and he is the same yesterday, today and forever. During some of my hardest times I access these songs, that are hidden in my heart, and the peace they bring never gets old. Jesus knew I would be a sinner, I would reject him at times, choose other paths, perhaps ignore his love for me. Maybe I would choose the easier, less, confrontational route. Or I would overlook him, or be angry with him. Yet, he still hung on that cross, took beatings he didn’t deserve, so that I could live in victory with him.” 

Dina extends her platform and heart outside of the kitchen, writing for and speaking with the Christian Parenting Team, as well as the forthcoming “She Lives Fearless” women’s ministry.

Dina is using her platform to point others to Jesus. We admire that most about her. She recognizes that people want to gather and want connection, so she seeks to bring people together whether that be on health struggles or putting a plate on the table your whole family will enjoy.

In mompreneur, Dina, will find a genuine person you can truly relate to, who will inspire you in your faith, and in whom you will certainly find some #dishpiration.


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