I was as Burnt-out as a day-old Campfire.

Written by elenebanks

I thought Christian Mompreneurs was my calling. Through different failings, lack of support from different avenues.. I realized that God was closing doors to this opening another door to a something else. I am sharing 4 points to consider (hard ones) to help your recognize or consider shifting or resting…I am praying that maybe He will use these to help another mama that is calling to a season face of shifting.

1. You aren’t finding support in places you thought you would.

 Now, this is a MAYBE. Not hard in stone. I would consider this a sign IF those in your standard “cheering box” aren’t for it—your husband..your mom..etc. Sit down with that individual and ask why they have reservations. They may be seeing things you aren’t. My mom did this for me. She pointed out that I was looking at my phone more than my babies. That right there was a reason I HAD to shift.  

2. Have you jumped into a field where you are leading others but haven’t mastered it yourself??

To lead many times, you need to lead by example and walk that walk..not just talk the talk. I realized I needed to experience success and failure as a true entrepreneur. I need to live out what it means to be a Christian Entrepreneur in this day and age. 

3. Do you find it too hard to be consistent?

 It is VITAL in this stage of raising kiddos and raising a biz. Suppose you find it just grueling, and no matter the resources you pour into helping you stay consistent you just can’t seem to. In that case, it may be time to consider that this either isn’t your season, OR it is time to pivot and find something you DO enjoy. Maybe this is God nudging you to turn directions. 

4. MENTAL overload and longer than a normal season of BURN OUT.

 I had this! I couldn’t get ahead. No matter what program or thing a guru said to time block..it just wasn’t happening. I was cranky. I wasn’t enjoying my biz or my home life. Is this you? Remember, we are working to help our families go further, be happier and do more for the kingdom. Why are we pursuing something that does the opposite? I had to pause, rest and go back to the Lord and see why I was always in a burnout season.

There is NO shame in shifting, resting, pausing and starting over, sweet sis.

Cheering you on, Elene.

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Written by elenebanks

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