Incorporating God in Dental Business

Written by Dr. Rachel Tambunan

So, what are ways to incorporate God in Business?

Well, first thing I do when I get up is pray. I pray for my family, my friends, my office—and then every single patient who is on the schedule for that day. Prayer is the way I communicate to my Heavenly Father, and in return He speaks through His word, the Bible, through nature, music, family, and friends.          

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through our dental office door is a personalized welcome sign with each patient’s name on the board. So, if your name is Audrey, then it will say “Welcome Audrey!” We want to change the way dentistry is perceived and give patients a wonderful experience.

In the background at any given moment, you’ll hear different Christian artists and songs from our speakers. Several patients & dental reps have commented on our Christian music & how it is calming. 

When I walk into the operatory, as I am washing my hands I have a conversation with each patient—catching up on anything new in their life. Several patients have opened up, to the point of tears, on the happenings in life. In those situations, I’ve asked, “Can I pray for you?” and then we have a prayer right then and there. We also have a prayer box, where patient’s prayer requests are submitted by us.

When patients ask me how I got into dentistry, I tell them it was God’s leading all the way. And if they ask for the story, I tell them.

Matthew 7:16 says “By their fruit, ye shall know them” and this is a verse that I hope to be able to portray to my patients through my interactions with them. 

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Written by Dr. Rachel Tambunan

Dr. Rachel Tambunan owns Arc Dental Health. If you visit her instagram page, you know she loves incorporating her faith into her business. She loves making smiles better with Jesus and Dentistry.

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