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About the collection

It has been in CM’s business plan to come out with logo gear or items that would promote the community. I didn’t feel God was calling me to create typical logo wear or anything promoting the brand. As the community grew, many struggles were shared..I realized the exact kind of “gear” God was calling me to design. I took the “mom struggles” that I and the community voiced and incorporated encouragement about those struggles into “reminder” wear for moms


Often, the struggle to keep Christ at the center of parenting is not from a lack of desire. It is from the quick pace of life. Deadlines are due, children are demanding, and moments to pause are hard to come by. I wanted the clothes to remind myself and other moms around me of their true calling. I not only wanted messages for others to see while I was wearing the clothes but for me to see as well. I created embroidery on the sleeves so that while the hustle of life was happening around me, I could look down at my wrist and be reminded. I created shirts that would witness, encourage, and remind other moms of their true calling while wearing them. 

 I hope you love this Limited Edition Capsule Collection.

Cheering you on, Elene


“Finally a sweatshirt that I can wear and the message is for me to see, not just others."


" I've had multiple people stop and asking me what the Truth/trend means. It really has opened some doors for me to speak of Christ. I love the puzzle-its a great reminder for me to be set apart."

Sophia F

"I love seeing the "put it can wait" message on my wrist. When I pick up my phone..I really think twice about being present. It has helped me prioritize being off my phone."

Celly Bakley