Marriage Writer Application

Thank you so much for your interest in writing for the CM Edit. This magazine is  KINGDOM work and we are SO excited to introduce this column. 

Details on the column:

  1. There will only be 5 articles this year that you will be responsible for. See the due dates below. 
  2. The marriage column will be on the topic You Choose. However, due to the popularity/frequency of the marriage questions I get-the end part of your column will include a question from our community. Think “dear Abby”. I will send those to you in bulk once you are notified you are part of the team. 
  3. The article in full needs to be around 1000 words if possible give or take.
  4. DUE DATES: March 6 (May/JUNE ISSUE)
    April 6  (July/AUGUST BACK TO SCHOOL) 
    JUNE 6  (Sept/OCTOBER-Fall)
    July 6  ( NOV/December Holiday ISSUE)
    August 6th (New Year Resolutions/goals etc)

Please send 

  1. First and foremost, Please pray and insure that the Lord is behind your desire and that He is making space for you to do this!
  2. A brief bio of yourself and credentials that would appear next to your name in the article. Please include websites and or social links.  
  3. A link to your work or sample of your writing. 
  4. Answer this question from our community. “Dear Abby, My husband likes us to listen to erotic audio/books during sex-I truly do too. (It helps my mind actually focus and tune all the other stuff out). We used to watch porn, but have both grown in our faith and realize this isn’t best. Is listening to sex scenes from books wrong for foreplay? what if they include swinging etc?. What if it just a couple?”
  5. Read CM’s pillars of faith and if you agree send a sentence stating you do agree. 
  6. Send this info to and title the subject “Marriage Writer Application”
  7. PLEASE SEND BY FEB 1 if you are chosen, you will be notified by FEB 10
  8. If you aren’t chosen, please remember CM loves to have articles sent and they are placed in our “reads” section where women read DAILY. Please feel free to send articles to me at any time to be placed in our “reads” section.