Through Our Children

Written by Laura Spurlin

I don’t know about you, but there are times when my nerves are fried and my children mean well, but mommy needs some moments of silence. Anybody else?

Recently, in the drive thru line, I couldn’t find my debit card. This is a regular problem for me. I just chunk it in the area of space in my dash for the next time I need it. Until, it’s not there when I need it. 

Why don’t I just put it back where it goes?! Story. Of. My. Life.

A simple thought like that one ⬆️ can send me down a rabbit hole.

“Well if you were just more organized…”
“Well if you would just be responsible…”
“Well if you would just get your life together…”
“You are such a failure…”
“When are you going to do better…”

Such a simple act can turn into such a heavy mental and emotional load.

I quickly say, “Mommy is so frustrated right now.”

And then my daughter replies, “Frustrated is a lot like being mad, mommy.
🎶 When you feel so mad
That you want to roar
Take a deep breath
And count to four
One, two, three, four 🎶”

Yep, my daughter quoted and sang Daniel Tiger to me. And you know what, I needed it!

In moments of frustration we can be so quick to want to just mentally escape down a rabbit hole, but we absolutely cannot and must not miss the opportunity that God has for us through our children.

My daughter used a coping mechanism she learned to help me, and it made my heart want to explode. So of course I googled the song quickly and we sang it together the rest of the car ride home.

And friends, God knew I needed to be spoken to and I just LOVE it when He uses my children.

Whether it’s a Daniel Tiger song, a lesson learned from Sunday school, a praise and worship song, a reel on Instagram, the written word of God, or the voice of God speaking into your moment — God can use anyone and anything around you to speak to you. We just have to be willing to listen!

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Written by Laura Spurlin

Laura is a nurse who boxed up her scrubs to be a stay-at-home-mama to her two kiddos. In this season of motherhood, her anxiety hit a soaring peak and her depression hit a deep low. With this battle came a stronger, deeper, and more surrendering (on her end) relationship with Christ, and a love for writing what He places on her heart about mothering, marriage, and mental health.

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