You Don’t Need a “Magical Formula” for Balancing-it-all

Written by elenebanks


We often look for a sure-tried and true way to find the “magical formula to the balance.” We repeatedly search for that influencer who seems to have learned how to juggle it all. We Facebook stalk them (or at least I do) for hours. We download all kinds of charts that promise to help with the balance.

This may sadden you, but no tried and true formula will work perfectly for you. Each mom reading this has different children, husbands, and lifestyles. Those facts dictate that there can be no “right” formula. So are these formulas and charts wrong? No! They have their place but can act as bandaids at times.

Finding “the balance” occurs in the heart first and foremost. When we balance those things in our hearts and mind, our life, schedule, and choices will follow suit. 

Proverbs 4:23

Keep thy heart with all diligence; For out of it are the issues of life.

Pursuing balance in our hearts is vital. So this is my affirmation/mantra/prayer that I say in the mornings..well, hourly, well, minute by minute. It reminds me to ask the Father to help me shift my mind and heart to place my children above my business. He is our Father and can change our hearts, therefore changing our minds. This leads to changing our actions. I struggle deeply with prioritizing my kids above my business/phone. This affirmation helps me realign my priorities in Kingdom order. 

“I will relentlessly pursue motherhood/family but remain steadfast in my business.” 

This phrase helps me shift my mind and heart to what matters the most. I am called to my business and family, so I am just as imbalanced if I ignore my business altogether too. Therefore, I must still stay steady in my business. 

You can adapt this prayer/affirmation to those areas you need help to balance. 

This above is adapted to my struggle of putting my biz above family. It can be the same struggle for you, or you find it challenging to balance another couple of hats you wear. For example, you might give too much time to your phone and need more time to be present. I don’t know your job/business/priorities, but I know that motherhood/family comes before all earthly things. We will only regret not prioritizing raising our babies or fulfilling our calling as a daughter of the King. 

Through this evolution of changing my heart and mind,.. a small voice has been nudging me to sit with my children during mealtimes, listen and talk to them (ie Relentlessly pursue motherhood), and not look at mealtimes as an opportunity to catch up on emails or clean the kitchen. Do we talk about super life-changing issues every time??? Nope, this morning we talked about what superpower you would have if you could have one. But this is precious time that I can get to know my kids better undistracted and spend shoulder-to-shoulder time around the table. And I didn’t and couldn’t get this from a PDF block schedule download or a chart. It came from the H.S nudging my heart. 

Can we release ourselves from finding that “magical formula”? Let’s take that pressure off of finding that perfect schedule, routines, and charts and look at shifting our hearts and minds.

Does this make sense? What are your thoughts on this, and do you have a mantra or prayer you use throughout the day that realigns you? Do you agree it starts in the heart? 

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Written by elenebanks

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