Holiday Season and Your Business Survival Guide
by Phylicia L. Henry 

Holiday season is upon us! For most, it’s a fun, family-filled, feel good time. As we close out the  year and transition to the new year, there is still a major opportunity to generate some revenue and build an audience for your business. There are people who are looking for your exact solution. Remember, we are the solution to someone’s pain or problem.

So how can we maximize the opportunities during this season? Here are a few practical tips to prepare your business for the holiday season and new year.


1. Decide when you will be closed


I am a big believer that we should create businesses that fit into our lifestyle instead of businesses that dictate how we live our lives. I don’t believe that God would gift us a business, just for us to be in bondage to it. So what makes the most sense for you in this season? Will you close for a few days or a couple weeks?


Just because you may be closed, it does not mean your business cannot be present. If you plan ahead and implement automation strategies, your business can still be active while you are spending time with your family, or resting during this season. Social media posts can still be going out. People can still opt in to your freebie. Responses can still go out to people who inquire about your business. The important factor that can make this possible is to plan ahead.



2. Plan a holiday/new year campaign


Speaking of planning, now would be a great time to add a holiday or new year campaign to your business. This does not need to be anything complicated and you do not necessarily need to create anything new. You can simply adjust your marketing to be in alignment with the season.


People are looking for holiday deals. Perhaps you can bundle some products and offer a special holiday package. In the new year, people are looking for services that will help them reset and reach their goals. Think about how you can optimize this opportunity and shift your messaging to reach them right where they are.

3. Set goals


When there is a target, you’re more likely to hit it. Setting goals can help you stay on track in business. As a Christian business owner, setting goals and making plans that are in alignment with God’s purpose is essential. In fact, if we are making plans without consulting God, we are actually acting in a manner that will prove to be unfruitful.


Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. (Psalm 127:1 ESV)


Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand. (Proverbs 19:21 ESV)


Pray. Wait. Plan. Produce.


Pray to God and ask for His guidance in your business

Wait for Him to give you an answer

Plan according to what He has said

Produce (or execute) what was in the plan


4. Test your campaigns and automations


Once you have come up with a campaign and set up all of your automations, it is very important that you test them out before you launch to the world. The goal is to operate with excellence. While there is always grace available for mistakes, we want to present ourselves as the best solution. We want to provide a stellar client experience. One part of making that happen is to test.


So what exactly should you be testing?


If you have created an opt-in to your email list, opt-in using your email address to make sure the automated email actually sends. Test all links that are included in emails and on websites to make sure that they work. Confirm that dates for scheduled items are correct. It would be a shame to have a Christmas message sent on New Years’ Day. If you are selling a product, go through the purchase process yourself to see things from the customer’s perspective and make changes if necessary.



5. Develop relationships


This is a strategy that should be implemented consistently, year round for your business. For a couple of years, I neglected building relationships, and now looking back I can see how it stunted the growth of my business. When building relationships, it should never be with the motive to just gain something from someone. Take the Jesus approach. How can you be of service to someone? In addition, consider how the relationship can be mutually beneficial.


While relationship building is helpful for business growth, it can also be beneficial just to know that you are not alone. Finding a like-minded community can be uplifting and a source of inspiration for when you hit those bumps in the road, on the entrepreneurial journey. The enemy would love to isolate you and have you thinking you are alone, so you can abandon God’s promise for you. But don’t lose hope! Build relationships and find your community.


6. Find a way to give back


Yes, in business, we need to make money. But as Christian business owners, we also need to be the light. How can you be the light in this season? There are many ways that you can do this. You can do a product giveaway, or gift a service. I’ve seen coaches offer ‘pay what you want” for a limited amount of slots. You may decide that you want your business to sponsor a scholarship or do a food giveaway. Ask Holy Spirit for guidance as you make this decision. And do it, not to be seen, but to serve.




While these tips and strategies can help you prepare for the upcoming season, the best tips always come from God. It’s worth mentioning again to seek Him first as you make plans for your business this and every season. Happy Holidays & Blessings in the New Year!






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