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“My life has been forever changed by the love of Jesus, marriage to my favourite person, parenting our crazy crew, and walking multiple adoption journeys”. 

If you have not yet had the good fortune to cross paths, let us introduce you to Somer Colbert. Somer resides in Arkansas, is married to her husband of sixteen years, together they have three children and three dogs, and are committed to the journey we call life.

“I am so blessed to be a wife, mom and serve in ministry. A typical day in the life look like uber-ing my kids from different sport practices and activities while spinning the plates of full time ministry, speaking and currently writing a book proposal”.


Somer is a worship leader, writer, contributor, speaker and podcaster. She is Director of Adoption and Foster Ministry, and Champion for Arkansas Baptist Children and Family Ministries, providing assistance, awareness and advocacy for families seeking to serve in the areas of adoption and foster care. Somer is also part of a writing team for ‘Hope in Grief’, providing support for families walking through adoption heartache.

“I have walked through multiple adoption journeys over 10 years, 9 processes with only 1 successful placement. I want to give parents an honest look beyond the ‘hallmark version’ and prepare them for the warfare, the unspoken struggles and the absolute beauty of learning to love in an entirely new way”.

Somer’s social media is sprinkled with inspiration, guidance, encouragement, but most of all, with love and support. Somer is demonstrably passionate about who she is and what she does, and this just makes us more intrigued and eager to get to know her better and learn more.   

Somer is founder of Ahavah in our Hearts Ministry. Ahavah (ah-ha-vah) is the literal word for love in Hebrew. Her role here includes providing a wide range of resources and support to help equip and embolden today’s Christian woman in her journey towards faith and serving Jesus “right where she is”.  Somer goes on to share the biblical meaning of ahavah “means showing love through an intentional mindset and choices made each and every day, to serve rather than be served and to love even when it’s hard”. When we read this, we were further heartened and felt urged to find out more, and we think you will too JResources include blog posts, guest speaker interviews, downloads, podcast features, prayers, weekly updates and more.

Somer enjoys time with loved ones, authentic conversations, hot tea, cooking shows and british docu-dramas (ooooh we love those too!), but most of all, Somer tells us “I love writing and speaking about transforming love of Jesus and the freedom that life with Him brings”.

Connect with Somer here on Instagram