Style for the Busy Mompreneur July

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With more employers shifting to a work from home option and mompreneurs essentially working from anywhere, it can be easy to fall in the trap of dressing in your PJs or dull loungewear. A woman working from home may not necessarily want to dress up all the time, but a few key items can help her stay productive, feel positive and prepared for whatever the day may bring. LaJena is going to share with you some essentials, to help the mompreneurs show up more confidently while working from home either for herself or corporate.

What’s her personal style? What is it that she gravitates to the most? Pay attention to the things you purchase the most, what you have the most in your closet and what catches your eye when you walk into your closet. Is it solids, prints, bright colors, neutrals? Maybe it’s dresses, jeans, pants, skirts, shorts. What is the style that allows her to show up as her authentic, productive, positive, and prepared self?

Here are a few looks to adapt while working from home to look and feel more productive:

T-Shirt Dresses are by far the quickest way to get dressed as well as style for a easy day. With this type of dress, she can dress it up or down with accessories and keep it casual as well. This style of dress most importantly offers so much comfort. There is a t-shirt dress for every body type and every budget. This allows a quick transition from work from home mom to errands, soccer games, small groups and so much more. Shoes to pair with a t-shirt dress can be a range of sneakers to braided heeled sandal. For instance, the Steve Madden shoe. Some key places to purchase a t-shirt dress are Target, Walmart and even Amazon. If she’s looking for a more high-end look, try Nordstrom’s or the Loft.

  1. Matching Sets not only provide comfort but simplicity. It gives a nice, coordinated look without looking like a toddler matchy matchy days. When it comes to sets, there is little planning and thinking to getting dress. Throw on the top and bottom and the outfit is ready to go. What’s so fun is that sets can come in shorts, pants, or skirts. Going back to what LaJena mentioned earlier, what do you gravitate to the most. Use that same rule when it comes to selecting sets for an effortless look. Pull this look together with shoes and accessories. Another benefit of sets is you can wear the pieces separately, giving you new options for looks.

Solid Top & Leggings is the easiest of them all. For the days, where getting too dressed feels overwhelming, a mompreneur can still look put together with these two staple items. A solid top can be a t-shirt, short or long-sleeved as well as a sweatshirt. The New Day brand at Target carries such a variety of colors in all styles as well the material is soft. Giving that peace one needs for a busy day. Spanx has some amazing variety of leggings that can easily give a mom the confidence she needs to feel good in her clothes while also owning the day. This simple go to look, again transitions from home to errands. But adding a blazer or long cardigan with some accessories can dress up the look as well for important but casual business meetings.

Have fun!!

Create your own fashion rules, remember to always look presentable and comfortable in your clothes. Fashion is more than the clothes we wear. It’s about having confidence in yourself.

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LaJena James is an author, influencer, and Purpose Coach for Christian millennial women. Her background in Etiquette & Education piqued her interest in everyday fashion. It was in this profession that she made it a mission to encourage women to be confident in who God created them to be. Through her coaching program Designed for More, LaJena teaches Christian women how to uncover their purpose and monetize their gifts. Find her here on Instagram.