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Let us introduce you to Ali Gentry and share with you the heart and soul she exudes in all that she does. CEO and Founder of Vibrant Ministries, coaching others to live in the fullness of God. Ali is a speaker, preacher and weekly radio show and podcast host of “The Vibrant Life Show”, available across platforms and YouTube. Ali is instantly likeable and very funny and we can see why she has become so successful in inspiring and mentoring others

Ali loves to travel and seek adventure. Ali’s love of exploration and meeting new people allows her to experience the beauty and joys of God more fully. Ali is a Green Bay Packers fan and adores donuts 

Ali is the Women’s Ministry Lead and for the last six years has been on the Teaching Team at Renovation Church, Phoenix, Arizona. Her commitments include weekly bible study, remarkably writing her own bible study, organizing annual women’s retreats and other events throughout the year.

Travelling the country Ali speaks at conferences, universities and youth events and notably founded a monthly women’s event named ARISE, in Phoenix. ARISE welcomes women from all ages, backgrounds and churches, and encourages them to gather to connect, worship and grow in faith together. Ali’s mission is to build unity within the Church, developing connections between denominations and race.

Ali’s passion to teach others to study the Word is palpable. In her own words Ali shares that “to help others discover the layers of mystery and beauty that the bible reveals to us is what I love to do. For people to know God, His character, love and truth so that they can be Christ to others from their first hand-knowledge of the Word!”

Connect with Ali  here on Instagram

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