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Brit is a full-time creative artist. Her studio is a place where she not only creates art for families, but art for the Kingdom of God. She is an example of finding your passion and creativity and using it to minister to others.

Brit ran a side hustle despite spending 40-60 hours per week at her full-time job for years. She admits she was not content, and deep inside, she felt there was more God intended to achieve, but pivoting would require a great deal of trust.


She began her creative company full-time at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic. “It was the scariest decision leaving the security of a steady income to blaze new trails while the country was in chaos,” Brit says. Nothing was simple for her. However, she felt as though the Lord came to her, asking, “Are you going to walk on the water or simply stand there?”

Brit and her husband have been married for 13 years, but they have yet to have children. She has assisted in raising other people’s children, homeschooled, volunteered, and dedicated much of her life to the development of children, yet she has been unable to conceive. They miscarried a few years ago, which crushed her heart, but she says, “God used my longing to become a mother as the inspiration for the Raising Arrows artwork I make today.”


Regarding her work:

Late one night, Brit sketched an idea around family legacy based on Psalm 127:4-5 “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.”

She asked the Lord to use it to bring people hope and encourage families to build lasting memories. The next day she discussed the epiphany she had with a friend who ordered the first painting as a surprise gift for her friend’s baby shower. Brit has been making this one series ever since! “One small idea, surrendered to God and shared out loud, became the heartbeat of my business and passion”, Brit says.

The most unique part of Brit’s journey is that God used the story of a woman who has yet to see her promise in hand, to inspire and encourage others to build a strong family heritage and strengthen family bond. Brit has had the privilege of crafting such special Raising Arrows artwork for people all over the U.S and Canada.

God has exceeded what Brit thought he could do with her life in the past two years. “It is because God is faithful, not because I was patient or ready. It’s just who He is.” she said.

“I believe the artwork in your home should tell your story, and yours alone. I hope this encourages all of you to build beautiful legacies with your children and tell your story too”.

Connect with her here on instagram

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